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Emerging Companies

The most adventurous emerging companies are the ones that are solving a problem in a new way. Some in the medical device sector would say they are "building new modalities of therapy that will replace standards of care. Investors in biotech might say their company has a "first in class therapy.

 However you define an emerging company, there is one thing they most all of them share in common: getting to market fast on a limited budget.

 Subsequently these companies need employees that understand the sense of urgency and thrive in that type of environment; an environment that can feel like a roller coaster ride, up one day and down the next.

 Sanderson McLeod has been working with emerging companies since 2001. We understand the passion that entrepreneurs have for their companies. We have seen what it takes to travel around the country raising capital to fund a dream.  And we know that emerging companies do not have the luxury of hiring the wrong person.