Why Sanderson Mcleod

In a digital world, finding great talent can be easy. With the myriad of social and business networks out there, it is beginning to look like everyone knows everyone. When you are looking to hire great talent however the challenges can be greater than they were before we were so "connected. More connections means more interruptions and great candidates are now more frequently contacted than ever before.How you establish credibility in this highly networked market is extremely important. As your company seeks new talent you will want to go to market with a consistent message on who you are, what makes you different, and why a very busy "possible hire should want to take time out of their day to speak about you and the opportunity you have.

Our process involves a number of techniques that allow us access to these people but most importantly is highly geared towards gaining trust early on in the process. Some of this trust is gained with interpersonal skills however much of it is by knowing the industry and knowing your clients in such a way as to be able to articulate a clear, intelligent and concise message.
What we will not do however can be just as important as what we do:

We introduce ourselves to new contacts as headhunters, not as "executive recruiters. While we do recruit executives, we find a more direct approach to what we actually do as refreshing to candidates that are often put through a litany of processes and procedures in the recruiting process that usually begin with an overvalued sense of who the recruiter really is. While we handle the search from beginning to end, and more often than not are more hands on than some of our competitors, we believe that we are first and foremost, facilitators. This approach means that we get our clients and candidates more involved early on with the success of the search, and has resulted in a higher search to fill ratio.