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Stop Worrying About Turnover and Focus on Building a Great Product

I recently received an unsolicited newsletter in my inbox with the title: "Employee turnover is the silent killer of workplace productivity."

As a headhunter for 11 years I instantly thought of how ridiculous the statement is. Employee turnover is a given. People are going to leave for two main reasons:

  1. a better opportunity has been presented to them outside of the company, or
  2. they are not happy with their current company/position.

Rather than working out retentions strategies and effectively putting "gates" in place that will hopefully keep people from leaving, companies should focus on what they can control, building a great product and company culture. Focusing here is really what attracts and retains outstanding employees anyway.

And if an employee leaves for a better opportunity, congratulate them and wish them well. After all, the best employees are the ones that understand their value and also understand when leaving is the best thing for everyone involved.