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Thursday, 13 September 2012
Do your best work and then F| It!!!

I think it was two years ago I was reading an interview with actor Michael Douglas and he was asked his favorite piece of advice. He replied that his Dad, Kirk Douglas, had told him, "Do your best work and then F… It!!!!

That seems to me to be the one of the best pieces of advice one could take today.

We have had the "Age of Reason", the "Gilded Age", and if we can use a phrase to describe today it would be the "Age of Doubt." This is the age when many people who were sure of purpose seem to be lost. Whether they have lost their job or worried about losing their job, the huge unemployment numbers do nothing to help their basic sense of unease.

I am constantly amazed at how many GREAT people are currently looking for work, people that not too long ago I would have had to apply every possible angle of coercion to take an offer that one of my client's would be extending. And these are not just people within one functional area of expertise or Industry segment. These are doctors, sales leaders, marketing leaders, and engineering leaders.

So my advice to people that start questioning their value is to exactly what Kirk Douglas said years ago. Because at the end of day that is the only thing you can really control.

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