Client Hires

Health Care


Chief Medical Officer

      Bavarian Nordic

      Berenson Oncology

      Calypso Medical

      Cervel Neurotech

      CHF Solutions


      CSA Medical










      Puma Biotechnology





      Xcyte Therapies                                                     

Senior Vice President of Clinical Development - Eleven Biosciences

Executive Director of Clinical Development - Eleven Biosciences

Senior Director of Development - Immunomedics

VIce President of Clincial Operations  - Fractyl

Associate Director of Medical Affairs - Fractyl

VP Clinical Operations “ Puma Biotechnology  

VP Medical Affairs - Puma Biotechnology

Senior Director of Medical Affairs - Puma Biotechnology

Director of Clinical Affairs - Puma Biotechnology

AD of Clinical Sciences - Puma Biotechnology

Clinical Affairs Manager - Puma Biotechnology

Medical Director - Puma Biotechnology               

Chief Medical Officer  - Syndax                                                              

Chief Medical Officer  - CHF Solutions, Inc (Sunshine Heart)

Chief Medical Officer - CSA Medical  

Chief Medical Officer -

Chief Medical Officer “ Oncothyreon “

Medical Director Oncologist “ Oncothyreon “

Medical Director Oncologist “ Oncothyreon “

VP Clinical Development “ Bavarian Immunotherapeutics- http://

VP Clinical Development “ Cervel Neurotech “ http://

Chief Medical Officer “ Sarcode “

Chief Medical Officer “ Heartware “

AD Drug Safety “ Bavarian Immunotherapeutics- http://

Senior Manager Medical Affairs “ Heartware “

Senior Director Biostatistics “ Heartware “

Senior Clinical Trial Manager “ Heartware “

VP Clinical “ Hemaquest “

AD Clinical Operations “ Hemaquest “

Medical Director- Rheumatology/ Oncology“ Xcyte

Director of Clinical Operations “ ICOS

Medical Director “ Oncology “ Berenson Oncology “http://

Manager of Clinical Collaboration “ Calypso Medical “



CSO Heat Biologics

SVP Research Silverback

Senior Scientist - Transcriptx

Senior Scientist - Silverback 

Head of Oncology Discovery “ Eisai “

Senior Scientist “ Microbia “

AD Pre Clinical Development “ Peoples Genetics-



CEO - Menlo Therapeutics -

SVP Business Development “ Velocity Pharmaceuticals “                          

Chief Commercial Officer “ Favrille “

Chief Business Officer “ Morphotek “

Chief Business Officer “ Xcyte-

Chief Business Officer “ Trellis Biosciences “

SVP of Business Development “ Trubion “

VP sales “ Calypso Medical “

VP Marketing “ Calypso Medical “

VP Marketing “ Primaeva “

Director of Marketing “ Depomed-

Regional VP of Sales “ Inspired Technologies-

President and COO “ Homecare Inc

VP of Sales “ Housecall

VP of Sales “ Intrepid USA

Regional Manager of Sales “ Amsurg-

Process Development and Manufacturing:

VP Process development “ Trubion-

VP manufacturing “ Amplimed-



VP R&D Heartware “

Director of Implant engineering “ Calypso Medical-

Senior Director of Engineering “ Heartware-

Senior Engineer/Impants “ Calypso Medical “

Senior Engineer “ Calypso Medical “

Senior Program Manager - Heartware 



VP of QA - Heartware

SD of QA - Heartware 

SD of Safety - Heartware

Director of Regulatory Affairs “ Heartware-

Director of Regulatory Affairs “ Amplimed-

Manager of Quality Assurance “ Calypso Medical-


Clean Technology

Smart Grid, Energy Efficiency

VP of World Wide Sales “ Silver Spring Networks

VP of National Sales “ Silver Spring Networks

Food and Water Remediation

GM of Sales and Field Operations “ Purfresh

GM of Pre Harvest Products “ Purfresh-

Director of Carrier Sales Development “ Purfresh “

Renewable Energy

CTO “ Aquaenergy / Finavera Renewable


Cloud Computing

Senior Director of Technical and Customer Support “ Gemini Mobile 

VP Product Marketing “ Cloudian

Analytics and Social Media

Senior Director of Sales “ Quantivo

Chief Marketing Officer “ Credit Sesame

Senior Director of Business Development  Credit Sesame


Director of On Campus Recruiting “ Coursehero

Senior Director of Analytics “ Coursehero